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Leaders and Key Talent Focus on Student Goals, Access and Outcomes at Inaugural Regional Retreat

-Dr. A. Cathleen Greiner, PhD, DSN, Business and Entrepreneurship, Orange County

The LAOCRC Governance Council Inaugural Retreat was held at the Hyatt Regency, Huntington Beach, on Friday, January 18, 2019. In attendance, were over 100 partners within the LAOCRC ecosystem, both internal and external across 15 community college districts and 28 community colleges, who have natural roles to resourcing our students and setting them up for education and career success. 

The purpose of the retreat was to bring together all leaders and key talent to discuss top priorities germane to Los Angeles and Orange Counties, and align them across the legislation, initiatives, and frameworks that drive career education, including the Vision for Success (VFS), Strong Workforce Program (SWP), Guided Pathways (GPs), and Doing What Matters for Jobs and the Economy (DWM). 

This super-region is a future forward ecosystem that resources and invests in incoming, existing, and outgoing community college students, faculty, employers and education collaborative partners to provide a skilled and competitive workforce.  Together, Los Angeles and Orange County serve over 750,000 students annually in their pursuit of education and career aspirations.  

The Governance Council, composed of the 15 district leaders (Chancellors and Superintendents/Presidents), is a decision-making body within the LAOCRC governance structure, met for its Standing Quarterly Business Meeting to review and action several items to move the region forward and hear updates from the executive director as well as SWP presentations from internal and external partners. The Governance Council invited the Presidents of all LA and OC colleges to this retreat in order to fully consider regional priorities, plans, leadership and long-term strategic planning. 

The Annual Retreat highlighted participation and input from throughout the super-region and included working sessions and community building with those noted above, as well as Regional Consortium directors and voting members, Deputy Sector Navigators, and key community partners.  LAOCRC Strategic Plan working breakout sessions were held in order to focus on the top two priorities in each key area.  The sessions were facilitated by experienced individuals who were well-versed in the purpose of the Community College League of California (CCLC) Annual Legislative Conference perspective.

The top two priorities in the breakout sessions were shared with the Governance Council for consideration as they met with legislators at the CCLC. The areas included:

  • Legislation and Policies
  • Program and Initiatives
  • Operations and Systems and
  • External and Internal Relations

On a special note, the Regional Consortium and Governance Council recognized outgoing Executive Vice Chancellor (EVC) Van Ton-Quinlivan, acknowledging her service and leadership in establishing Doing What Matters for Jobs and the Economy framework and legacy in the CCCCO.  

In sum, this inaugural annual retreat provided opportunities for deep dialogue, leadership in establishing priorities and focus on students’ career and college goals, access and outcomes.

Stay tuned for the fall event of LAOCRC | Inaugural State of the Region Conference, October 9-11, 2019.

Former EVC, CCCCO, Van Ton-Quinlivan and (retreat conveners) LACCD Chancellor Francisco C. Rodriguez (LAOCRC Governance Chair) and RSCCD Assistant Vice Chancellor of EWD Adriene “Alex” Davis (LAOCRC Executive Director) share a lite moment following the LAOCRC’s awarding a plaque to acknowledge her leadership, professionalism, and authentic support for California’s community college students in college and career preparation, employer/education partnerships, and workforce development in a dynamic and changing economy.

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