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Micah Merrick Named Business and Entrepreneurship DSN for the Bay Area

Micah Merrick, a finance professional who is passionate about higher education, hopes to fuse his interests and experiences to create opportunities for students throughout the region and the state in his new role as one of the Business and Entrepreneurship Deputy Sector Navigators for the Bay Area.

Merrick was most recently Vice President of Finance for Emerald Cloud Lab, a venture-backed life sciences automation company in South San Francisco. He’s also worked in venture capital for Saint-Gobain in Paris and Hercules Capital in Palo Alto.

He holds an MBA in Entrepreneurial Management from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and a bachelor's degree in Economics from Penn State. Outside of his experience in finance, he maintains an education blog and published a book called Rethink the MBA.

At first glance, higher education and venture capital might seem like night and day, but Merrick sees parallels and opportunities to bring the business mindset to the educational sector.

“I am most interested in working with colleges in the Bay Area to run small pilot projects to improve student outcomes, which if successful, can be rolled out to more colleges in the region and the state,” Merrick said. “This approach is similar to venture capital, whereby multiple companies are funded in the hopes of finding one or two that can be truly successful.”

Merrick is also interested in adapting higher education to meet the needs of the 21st century. His book and blog focus on how technology is changing higher education and how colleges and universities can deliver quality education while empowering students to maximize their earning potential after graduation.

“I believe that education should be focused on helping students find the highest paying job possible in their field of interest, in order to help students support their families and communities,” Merrick said.

For more information on Merrick, visit his blog at

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