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Far North Launches Remote Worker Training Collaboration with Samaschool!

[Pictured: Caleb Jonas discusses the effects of the fast evolving “gig-economy” on rural California]

As school kicked off last month, Angela Cordell (DSN of Business & Entrepreneurship for the Far North Region), brought Samaschool to California’s Rural North to talk about remote work opportunities for students and graduates.

College of the Redwoods hosted the first of the regional meetings. Faculty, administrators, community and adult education directors, representatives of the region’s SBDC and numerous stakeholders came together to discuss the opportunities and challenges faced by students in rural communities where talent is plenty and living wage jobs are scarce.

“In areas where students struggle with everything from job access to basic internet access, our Community Colleges can become a hub for virtual work employability,” said Cordell. “Reliable internet coupled with the Samaschool training modules could mean the difference between a working population and one that is struggling to pay for food and shelter.”

Caleb Jonas, Senior Director of National Partnerships + Growth at Samaschool, has been working with Chuck Eason and the Business & Entrepreneurship Sector since 2016. His presentation at CR highlighted the fast evolving world of the “gig-economy” and its effect on rural California. A few facts stood out:

  • Sometime in the next 5-10 years, 50% of all working adults are likely to freelance in some capacity (Upwork, MBO Partners)
  • 40% of employers expect to use more independent workers by 2020. (EY)
  • It is predicted that 38% of full-time staff will be working remotely in the next decade. (FlexJobs)

The most exciting news for the Far North workforce is that these remote work opportunities give them access to jobs throughout the State.

“Equipping our rural community members with the skills they need to be able to work effectively and remotely could allow them to remain in their home county and enjoy a thriving career,” said Cordell. “A workforce with these tech skills also encourage businesses looking to relocate or expand to more remote, low cost locations in California.”

Cordell is partnering with Jonas and Samaschool throughout the 2018-19 school year to offer the organization’s modules and training for faculty and community education use throughout the Far North. For more information, reach out to Angela Cordell at

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