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Updated Salary Surfer Website Launching in May

California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office


The California Community Colleges will re-launch the newly updated Salary Surfer website in May. The site helps students and their families make informed decisions about investing time and money in a college education. It provides comparative salary information for recent California community college graduates across various fields of study.

The revamped site includes more than 100 additional two-minute videos that highlight the different career paths offered through California Community Colleges’ Career Education programs. 

The Chancellor’s Office will keep colleges updated on the exact timing of the launch and hopes that campuses can support the outreach efforts, which will serve as a marketing mechanism for current and prospective students, including those about to graduate high school. The goal is to leverage this site re-launch and awareness campaign for driving community college enrollment for campuses across the state.

Here's how colleges can help:

  • Newsletter Articles. Once the launch date is determined the Chancellor’s Office will send a template news article providing details of the newly revamped Salary Surfer site, including updated features and purpose of the website, that campuses can repurpose for their local newspapers/publications. Sector Navigators and PIOs will be encouraged to review, provide input and distribute to local California Community Colleges counselors and career center staff to personalize for their campus publications and e-communications such as e-newsletters. Additionally, the template article will be distributed to public high schools.
  • Billboard Messages. The Chancellor’s Office will provide Sector Navigators and PIOs with optional template billboard messages for California Community College campuses to share on their school electronic message signs, where available. The Salary Surfer website address is being shortened for branding and length purposes and the updated, shorter URL will be provided in the messaging.
  • Social Media. There will be a call for Sector Navigators and PIOs to help increase awareness of the updated Salary Surfer website through social media by sharing local California Community Colleges campus social media handle information so the Chancellor’s Office can tag schools in upcoming launch-related Facebook posts and tweets. The Chancellor’s Office will also develop template social media content that can be personalized and shared.
  • Infographic. There will be an infographic developed as part of the site re-launch that will provide visually appealing and user-friendly information on how to navigate the Salary Surfer website. The infographic will be distributed to Sector Navigators and PIOs to share locally within their networks and with the appropriate college personnel to share as they wish (on campus websites, publications, social media and more).
  • Additional Items. In addition to the materials and proposed action items listed above for helping spread the word of the re-launch, the Chancellor’s office will coordinate a statewide media announcement through a press release distributed via the Chancellor’s Office listserv. Sector Navigators and PIOs will be provided this release and media list ahead of time so they know what is coming and ask for input on media outreach. There will be a coordinated effort with the Doing What Matters Strong Workforce team to alert employers throughout the state of this great tool for students and future employees to utilize in their career pathway decisions.

Questions regarding the launch can be directed to Career Education Project Manager: Mark Perry – (916) 801-0086 or

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